To the Elders of the Chickasaw Nation:
As your legislator, I’ve found our elders to be an incredible source of knowledge and wisdom. Through community council meetings, senior center events, and phone calls, I will continue to welcome and cherish counsel from our seniors as I support the implementation of programs and services that strive to ensure every elder is well cared for and living a quality and independent life. I will listen and be accountable to every single Chickasaw citizen. I believe every person has a voice and has a right for that voice to be heard!
To the Youth of the Chickasaw Nation:
Every Chickasaw child should have the tools and resources to help them reach their full potential, I am committed to make this happen. In 2023, the Chickasaw Nation invested ~$30 million in education programs, much of that in the form of grants, scholarships, and assistance to our Chickasaw youth. This funding and programs are an investment in our children and provide great opportunities – but we need to continue to raise the bar! Each child deserves the very best our tribe has to offer!
To ALL Chickasaw Citizens:
Governor Anoatubby has said many times that we should think and plan for the future. I appreciate his vision, leadership, and support and I will continue to work with the administration to realize the goals of every Chickasaw child receiving a quality education and achieving their full potential, every elder to be well cared for and living a quality and independent life, and every Chickasaw who desires to work is employed and able to provide a safe and secure home for his or her family. The Chickasaw Nation has been blessed with incredible growth and prosperity. During my term, I’ve worked with, and witnessed, so many of our people doing extraordinary things. Extraordinary things do happen when our tribal family pulls together to lift each other up. I promise to support expansion and development of more programs and services that will be beneficial to all Chickasaws – with the goal of leaving a legacy for generations to come!


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